Program alumni

Trainee Mentor(s) Years Funded
Topic of Research Project Current Position
Emily Blauel, MD Maris, John /

Diskin, Sharon

2018-2020 Discovering the genetic basis of neuroblastoma initiation and progression Instructor, Division of Oncology, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Jason Miller, PhD Ritchie, Marylyn 2018-2020 Characterizing the genetic underpinnings of Alzheimer’s disease in the context of sex and ancestry Senior Scientist in Statistical Genetics at Merck & Co.
Adam Kraya, PhD Nathanson, Katherine 2018-2019 Understanding the immunogenicity of BRCA1/2 mutation associated breast and ovarian cancers Supervisor Bioinformatics Scientist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philip Freda, PhD Moore, Jason 2019-2021 Investigation of genomic associations between opioid use disorders and mental health disorders Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania
Pouya Khankhanian, MD Litt, Brian 2019-2020 Finding the Missing Heritability in Epilepsy Clinical neurologist,
Kaiser Permanente
Paul Ranum, PhD Davidson, Beverly 2019-2021 High throughput quantification of full-length mRNAs from single-cells in neurodegenerative disorders Postdoctoral Fellow, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Nosheen Reza, MD Musunuru, Kiran /

Owens, Anjali

2017-2019 A Novel Method for the Functional Annotation of Rare Missense Variants in ANGPTL3 Instructor in Medicine
University of Pennsylvania